Sing Out, Louise!


…and when you do, you’ll want to be sure it’s in a healthy way.

So, for all of you belters (and mixers, falsetto-ers, head voice-ers, and speakers) out there, I’m pasting links below to five videos about vocal health (well, four videos and a website) that I find particularly useful. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor does the information at any of these links substitute for medical advice tailored to an individual. But when taken together, the following resources provide a nice smorgasbord-style introduction to treating your voice well. Under each link you’ll find the video’s description as presented on YouTube.

The Business: Vocal Health and Technique

“Actors’ Equity Association, The Actors Fund and the SAG Foundation present an interactive presentation by Broadway Voice Teacher Deric Rosenblatt and Otolaryngologist Dr. Linda Dahl

Come learn about how your voice works and the techniques to keep it healthy for your arsenal of talent.”

Restructuring the Singing Voice in Silence

“Our voices are musical instruments, and we need to structure (form) them in preparation for playing them so that we can make the kinds of sounds that we desire. Here are a few ways to prepare the vocal tract for playing purposes.”

Care of the Singing Voice

“Healthy Focus Seminar:
Care of the Singing Voice
August 22, 2013”

The Business: Breath and Voice: Vocal Health, Technique and the Creative Connection

“‘Technique frees the imagination.’ – Mary Hammond

The care of the voice is essential to the professional actor and singer. The more solid, practiced and unconscious the technique, the freer the performer is to grow, mature and access emotional range and creativity. But a host of common bad habits coupled with stress, flu season, hectic schedules, frequent performances, smoke, certain foods and drinks, body tension and many other challenges can make maintaining healthy vocal production a mystery and impede the creative process.

In this in-depth and interactive seminar, panelists will explore the connection between breath, voice and creativity by sharing tools and techniques for connecting breath to sound, approaching text and music with healthy vocal production rich in emotional depth, and providing advice on how to address vocal tension and injury while on the job.

Panel includes Dr. Linda Dahl, Jane Guyer Fujita, Kristen Linklater and Deric Rosenblatt.

Moderated by Shane Ann Younts.”

Not a video, but a link to a fantastic site with wonderful resources for vocalists of all walks: The Voice Foundation. Visit often.




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